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This is a new feature from google for blog viewer. Really cool! You must try it.

The point is, you can view people's blogs in different ways. Just modify the blogger's addresses like these

[blogURL]/view/flipcard ,or
[blogURL]/view/mosaic ,or
[blogURL]/view/sidebar ,or
[blogURL]/view/snapshot ,or

For example, you can view my blog in 5 ways just type;

try these!!

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Sunway Lagoon. AgaiN???!!

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"Another Experience."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"I said I went through another experience you moron"
"Haha.. Whatever. What did you do?"
"Sunway Lah! Can't you read?"
" You are such a loser la. I know that you went to Sunway but what did you do there stupid?"
"OK2. Sorry :P. Well i rode many rides and the most frequent ride was Congo Challenge! About 20 times...haha.."
"Crazy! What else?"
"Roller Coaster, Tomahawk, some slides, Flowrider, beach, Bungee Trampoline, paintball, wildlife park, archery and other stuff."
"Whoaw!  Sounds fun!"

p/s: These pics were snapped before I got wet.

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