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Date: 12.12.10
Time: 9.45 a.m - 8.30 p.m

9.45 a.m
- Departed from home and arrived at Kajang KTM. Quickly bought a ticket to BDR TASIK SELATAN. 15 minutes later, the train arrived. Thank God it was not packed at all.

10.15 a.m
- Arrive at BTS. Straightly walk towards The AMPANG LINE train [formerly known as STAR] and again bought a return journey ticket to HANG TUAH. I waited at the platform about 10 mins before the train arrived. There is an enormous building named TBS [Terminal Bersepadu Selatan]. I think it's the new Bus terminal replacing PUDU RAYA. Together at BTS, there are 3 different TRAINS which are KTM Commuter, LRT Ampang Line and ERL.

11.00 a.m
- Arrived at Hang Tuah and walked besides the PUDU JAIL till reached Times Square. IDK what to do. I went upstairs to the Graffiti world and tried few games in the arcade.

11.30 a.m
- I spent about RM5 in the arcade. I still didnt know what to do as my friends didnt arrive. I wandered till i reached Ground level and there was an exhibition outside the mall about Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 console. It was mainly about PS3 and PS3 3D games. There were also Real Driving Simulator for the GT5 game provided. I didn't try any game provided. Haha. What else? there were Tekken, Street Fighter, God Of War, COD and bla bla. HA! before i forget, there was a roadshow about GT5 cars. Soo COOL!!! I met Akmal there and we decided to go to The Pavillion.

12.00 p.m
- Waited in front of the Maybank with Akmal. Then, A few minutes later, Hannan arrived with spiky hair and Collared T-Shirt. We asked him.'' are you going to PREP class" haha. He seemed like a nerd but his hair made him a normal. Then, all 3 of us walk to the Pavillion and waited for the other at the 5th floor.
It's Christmas

12.30 p.m
- They still not arrived. At first we planned to watch HP7 at 12.30 but what can we do without them. So frustrating. Trying to be calm by doing some eye shopping.

1.00 p.m
- Finally they arrived. HAH!! so late. While waiting in front of the Puma Store, there was a man, a weird man trying to have a chit chat with us. But none of us really cared bout him. HAHA. Cuz he talked nonsense and IT freaked us out. So, we pretended to buy the tickets and ran away. SCARY!!

1.15 p.m
- We bought HP7 tickets. The movie starts on 3.30. So, we altogether had a lunch first. Where? Carl's Junior. Amira, Alia, and Anis got lost as we separated. This is their first time in PAVILLION. So, Akmal try to find them upstairs while Hannan, Faez and me ordered our meals. I had a Guatemala Bacon and a Chili Cheese Fries. Delicious but i could not finish it. Haha. My tummy got full so fast. Meantime, we had a chit chat and laugh here and there till about 2.15.

Sorry Alia. Improper pic

2.15 p.m
- Nothing much. Just walk to the basement and performed Zohor prayer.

3.45 p.m
- Wandered around the mall and accompanied Alia to buy her Flipflop as her feet was bleeding beacause of her fit shoe. Haha. She bought it at Padini. Walked and walked till 3.30

3.30 p.m
- Watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. AMAZING AND FASCINATING.

6.30 p.m
- The movie ended and it was 6.30. Oh Man, I was very late. I performed the ASAR first before had a walk to HANG TUAH station. Took a train back to Bdr Tasik Selatan.

7.00 p.m
- This is the worst part. I waited for soo long. Approximately 1 hour before the train arrived. Fuhh!! So Frustrating. The Train never BE ON TIME..... That's why I hate KTM.

8.00 p.m
- Arrived at Kajang. Performed my Maghrib. Then, I was asked by my dad to go to Metro Kajang. Phew. So, I walked all the way there and met my DAD in front of a Sport Store. He said he bought a Ping-Pong Table. WOW!!! Amazing. I asked him what else? A. LCD tv, oven, stove bla2. Thank GOd. Alhamdulillah.

9.30 p.m
- Dinner at mamak stall and went back home.

the END!!!

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Happy Birthday MOM!!!

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What is the date?
-10 Dec
Who's birthday?
-My MOM!
Wow, COOL!! So, what did u give?
- A pair of shoes [SEMBONIA], a purse [SEMBONIA], a book [Orang Kaya Bertakwa], and a card.
How did u celebrate it?
- Well, we had joyful dinner and of course I was the one who ate too much. We dined at Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant. Soo delicious n picturesque. It is located near Putrajaya Lake in the Botanical Garden.
What did u eat?
- Steamed Garoupa
- Fried Talapia with plum+mango Sauce
- Black Pepper Venison
- Asparagus
- Kangkung
- Butter Prawns
- Shark fin soup
- and Sea Coconut for dessert.
Did u do anything after that?
- Yeah! Stop at the Dataran, smell the fresh air and enjoy the view.

WOW! it's totally AMAZING. HAHA
Well that's it.


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Miss you My Friends

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Salam Alaik.
Sadness fills my day yesterday. I woke up in the morning n i didn't see any of my friends like i always did days before. Hmmph... I really need friends. I really LOVE em. The bond between us is soo strong. Yesterday, when i was renewing my I.C, i saw Jehan Farhana, OHANA 0610. Maybe she's the first from my batch that i see after school. And i really hope that i Will SEE more OHANA 0610.

Soo, since the end of JUNE [till yesterday], we had shuffled our places in class. So, we sat 6 in a group facing each other an each group had 3 boys n 3 girls. I got my group. They were Hanif, Aizat, Anis, Adha, Atiqah and me. At first, it was very awkward to sit in front of the girls, facing each other but now, we had made a very strong friendship till many of other friends felt jealous. Haha. Everyday we sit and talk, and eat, play, we share every secrets we have, study, gather and many more. Phew, those are my best memories. But, now, everyone of us takes different pathes and looks forward for a better future. A future which can change a person inside out, or upside down. I would like to thank all my Group members [AASAAH to be more specific] for teaching me many stuffs and BLA2. You guys are the BEST. I will never forget our joy n tears. ANd next time, we'll gather round again, I'll treat YALL. HAHA... But after i got my first payment. We'll Meet AgaIN my Best friends.

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Salam Akhir

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 Semalam hari paling sedih dalam sejarah. Ak x tau nk ungkapkan macam mne tapi semalam OHANA 0610 berpisah mungkin buat selamanye. Ak x kn lupekan kenangan kita slame 5 tahun sbgi keluarga. Mozac tmpt pling berjasa. Paling byk mengajar cara hidup yang sebenar. Terima Kasih Cikgu.

Untuk kawan, hari2 kita main sme2, gelak sme2, belajar sme2, men burger sme, solat jemaah, buat bende x snonoh, kejar2, volley, ping pong, kene marah sme2, tdo sme2 mandi sme2. semua sme2. AK rindu saat tu semua walaupun bru sehari ak balik. Ak sedar balik kali ini, bukan balik hujung tahun mcm tahun2 sebelum ni. lps ni belum tntu kte bley jumpa. Ak x nak r tulis panjang2. Lagi buat ak sedih.

INSYAALLAH kita akan bertemu lagi. Nanti ak turun Melaka. Kte buat reunion.


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