OFF for 2 weeks

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Going somewhere for two weeks. Take Care~

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Hearts burst into fire

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Well, it has been about 2 months since I bought a new guitar. Starting from that moment, i keep practicing and play some songs. Haha. I'm still not good at it. Rookie. Need to practice more. But yer know, I can play some full songs and solos. HAHA. Usually play it using tab either plain tab, power tab or guitar pro tab. All I got from this website Ultimate-guitar. What song can I play? Haha. There are a few like Brick by Boring Brick, When You were Young, My Heroine, Kissing you Goodbye, Danger line solo, Sweet child o Mine intro, and now I'm practicing Hearts Burst into Fire by Bullet For My Valentine [halfway done]. My skills arent good enough. Maybe I'll become an amateur or a pro after 3/4 years of practice.

This is the song [LIVE I think]

and this is the guitar cover [ please noted that this isnt me okay]

and lastly, this is my guitar, really sorry for this sissy-looking guitar, I couldn't find a better colour. It's a stratocaster design, very basic one. I plan to buy a new one if I got enough money. A hellraiser perhaps.


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Closer to the edge

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This world is not done. Keep going!

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Everyone has dream.
A dream that one can achieve
Or something beyond man's power
A dream makes one's destination, creates a moment of happiness.
Run forward and make the impossible possible
Hope itself will not get you anywhere
Get up if you fall, wake up if you sleep

Make it happen as the invariable mark of dream is to see it come true

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Cair kebosanan

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Tonight I'll change the language. Haha..
Celoteh bahase melayu pulak lah.

Aku dah x tau nak buat ape malam ni. Biasanya rutin harian aku akan tengok anime One Piece. Tapi macam dah exceed bandwidth je. Nak download One Piece via Megaupload tapi dah slow. Hadoyh parah-parah. Usually, ak download siang2. Sebab Megaupload ni boleh download sbagai premium member ble ko sign in. Camni, Megaupload ade lancarkn Happy Hour untuk regular member. Kita boleh download sbagai premium user. So laju la. Sbb tu la sati hari ak boleh habiskan belas2 episode. Tapi bile dah malam x leh da. Jadi slow balek. Aduih. Kene tgu esok la jawabnye. Citer OnePiece memang seronok. Susah nak gambarkan tapi pengarang dier memang pandi gile susun cerita. Amazing lah. Korang tengok lah.

Kenapa topik ak macam tu? 
Entahlah. main bubuh je.
Aku sebenarnya tengah keliru. Bila tengok perempuan cantik je ak rase lain [cair]. X kesah la perempuan mana. Kat dalam tv ke, kat wayang ke, shopping complex ke, mane2 ah. ni sebab ak dah dewasa ke or sebab ni naluri lelaki. Aku pun x tau. Tapi kalau nak fikir kahwin tu memang terlalu awal lah. Buang mase je fikir bende2 camni tapi hakikatnye, sebagai seorang remaja memang mustahil nak elakkan perasaan ganjil ni. Jadi, kita same2 lah muhasabah diri. Jangan over bile nak berdepan dengan situasi ni. Take it Lightly and selalu berdoa. So, aku akan cube rendah diri bile jumpe mane2 perempuan pun. Yang ak kene berhati2, tak nak couple or bercinta sebelum kahwin. Atau erti kata lain, Kahwin dulu baru bercinta. Harap2 tercapai hasrat aku. 
Doa aku supaya dapat jodoh yang terbaik buat menemani hidup hingga ke akhirnya. 
Kriteria yang penting kene ada:
1. Agama
2. Cantik [Seronok bila dipandang wajahnya]
3. Harta
4. Keturunan

Ini bukan aku yang cakap tapi Rasulullah. So, yang kat luar sana, 4 bende ni panduan unutk mencari pasangan hidup okay!

Untuk malam ni, itu jelah kot. Setakat nak mengisi kebosanan.

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Alamanda For PirATEs

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Last time I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D. 
Superb movie!
Next time I'll watch some more awesome movies like:
1. Transformers
2. Captain America
3. X-men
4. Green Lantern
5. Harry Potter
6. Cars
7. Final Destination
8. Johnny English
and maybe others.

Well, I will be in the next stage of "education" level. 
Starting this July, 'maybe' I'll get myself ready and start to work hard. Haih~
Another challenge, but I really look forward to meet new friends!!!
Hello GMI's!!!

Mmm... just a scrap of reminder,
Anyone who uses blackberry, feel free to give ur PIN.
and for those who do not have one, get now!
I have no regret so far. It's Awesome!!!


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Pirates of The Carribean : on Stranger tide

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I really want to watch this movie but no accompany.
I have to postpone this WILL. Maybe tomorrow. Love the PIRATES lah.

And more, I recommend anyone who has not yet watch ONE PIECE, you SHOULD get started. It's a damn fine story and artwork! I prefer ANIME rather than Manga cause it's MOVING, and has colour of course.
About pirates also and more, they put humor in that story. HAHA... It's kinda weird when i laugh alone...

For HQ episode download click here
but some episodes are not in sequence. You have to work urself to find the real one.

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Thank You Allah. I'M glad

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Finally I got an offer for oversea university, technically in GERMAN but I have to complete A-level first for about 2 and a half year in GMI.

And MORE, GMI isn't far from my home...HAHAHA...

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Hiking At Broga Hill, Semenyih

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What can I say it's extremely super duper fun!

Wan Chak

Up The Hill
Rest a Bit
Who the Hell is This
What THE>!!!
What must be done
YAY Finally

P/s: turn off the audio at the bottom page first to watch the video. 
Gratitude to my Fellas!

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Chelsea lost. OH NO!

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Where? NZ CURRY HOUSE at Wangsa Maju

With? Anep, Achoi, Blalang, Mablur and 2 unknowns.

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UITM Penang and Matriculation Selangor

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two offers so far from UPU and matriculation,
UITM Penang: Whew SO FAR AWAY : Mechanical engineering (diploma)
Matriculation Selangor, Banting : don't know what course.

still waiting for the PILN results.
Failed the Petronas sponsorship.

Thats all.. THX

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For How Long? and ARTWORK

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I dont know what to say in this blog. And I did not update the entries for a couple of weeks, I guess. For now, I have something to share, mainly about an album, released in 2009 as made famous by THE USED, a popular alternative rock band. Try it. The songs are cool and fascinating.
Here is the song list:

1Blood On My HandsLyrics
2Empty With YouLyrics
3Born To QuitLyrics
4Kissing You GoodbyeLyrics
5Sold My SoulLyrics
6Watered DownLyrics
7On The CrossLyrics
8Come UndoneLyrics
9Meant to DieLyrics
10The Best Of MeLyrics
11Men Are All The SameLyrics
I don't know whether the links are working or not.

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