Bila nak terer bowling nih

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Me: Kak, 1 orang 4 game.
Akak bowling: 12 ringgit dik, Stokin ada?
Me: Ada2.
Akak bowling: Kasut saiz?
Me: 9
Akak bowling: Ok lane no 14.

Everyday kul 10 I will go to bowling centre and play 4 games.
Kinda addicted to it,
tapi, score masih mcam budak2.
Im planning to buy a bowling ball but still thinking.
Duit ada tapi I dont know whether it will be a waste or not.

Sadly, everyday i play alone!! Someone accompany me pleasee...
Ampang Superbowl Metro Point Kajang.

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Perfume can be SMELLY!!!!!

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Dear ladies!!
I hate to say this but it can't be tolerated anymore.
I hate when a woman wears perfume.
I hate when a woman wears cologne.
first, it stings my nose!
second, i couldn't stand the smell,
and most important reason, It is wrong for you women wearing perfume to get attraction from men except your only husband. So, my advice, wear it just to make yourself smells natural or in easy word, to prevent bad smell coming out from you body. A little drop should be alright.
Or if you wanted that so much, wear it at home and please your husband.

For men, wear it to ur heart's content. HAHA.
Its a sunnah.

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Spm. the beginning and the end

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What is that supposed to mean?
Spm is the beginning of higher education world for us, while at the same time, the end of the school life which we have been endured for 5 years. Whatever the results are, we have to move forward and look for the slightest chance to get into the next stage.
My Spm results aren't the best nor the worst. Should I tell you all?

okay. I got 9a's. That's all. Good luck my fellows, we will meet again as a successful VIP.

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Siapa yang Riak?

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Orang yang riak ialah orang yang panjang rukuk dan sujudnya ketika di khalayak ramai tetapi pendek rukuk dan sujudnya ketika bersendirian.


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Another edited pics.
I made this long ago.

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Mars Needs MomS

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Assalamualaikum. ON SUNDAY 20.3
  1. Drove to KL [Its raining]
  2. Called Akmal.
  3. Fetched him at Hang Tuah Station.
  4. Parked at SG Wang Plaza.
  5. Solat Zuhur
  6. MET Brother Lokman!!!
  7. Story2
  8. Went to UNI QLO. Im interested at the Naruto T-Shirt
  9. Ciao and went to Starhill!! Just wanted to see the TOILET!! IT WAS TOTALLY AWSOME!!
  10. Wandered around Starhill.
  11. Walked to Pavillion and Bought movie tickets. [Mars Needs Moms]
  12. Watched it.
  13. Ate at Subway. Foot LONG SUB!
  14. Walked to Times Square.
  15. Solat Asar.
  16. Mamak.
  17. Arcade.
  18. Drove home.
Time Crisis 4
Expensive Mall
Ulysse Nardin?
Still in Progress

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Yesterday day I bought this shoes at ADIDAS KL Pavillion.
Specially made for futsal but, 
I intend to make this a multipurpose shoes. For balling and Running too.

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I did this photo effect with Photoshop CS5.

more edited photos coming soon

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Kucing Oh Kucing

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Walaupun family aku x bela kucing, tapi diorang sumer suke sangat kat kucing. 
Kat belakang rumah aku ada 5 ekor kucing tapi x tahu le sapa yang punye.
Family aku hari2 kasi makan je.

Siap beli makanan kucing tuh.

Favourite adik aku

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 A great online game portal. Play with various people around the world and chat with them.

Games available:
  1. Pool 8 ball
  2. Baloono
  3. Draw my thing
  4. Booya
  5. Hover cart battle
  6. Fleet fighter
  7. and many more. 
Be my friend and get started!

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Link to my twitter account

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HKSBP Zon Selatan

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Hk tahun nih berlangsung din SBPI Jempol.
Kebetulan dalam minggu tuh aku BZ jadi x dpt la nk datang.
Satu petang, selasa petang, Anep sms ak,
"weyh k, datang r esok mozac msuk final lawan SDAR"
ak pun mati-mati ingat masuk final. Then ak ajak ar akmal nak tengok Final. Ak drive ar smpai Jempol sana. Dengan jalan berliku-liku, bawak pulak kereta manual, memang lenguh.

Sampai je kt skola cina, ak masuk dewan tuh, nampak memang mozac tgh lawan SDAR. Pastuh aku duk kat bench, Anep cakap kat aku,
"Ko nak tahu satu fakta x?"
"ape die?"

pergh, hidop2 ak kene tipu. tapi x pe lah, Asal da datang, tangok jer la.
Pagi tuh mozac kalah lawan SDAR. SO msuk round 3rd and 4th.
match 3rd 4th petang tuh. so, gap mase tuh ak fill dengan bermain basket,
sampai tegolek kt lecak. lutut smpai bawah sume calar2. Pedih yang amat.
Sambung balek maen. Haha. Ak kental!

Petang MOzac lawan SAKTI. Tengok play diorang kene bantai SAKTI tuh. Bagus la. Terer pulak budak ni main, tadi kene Bantai dgn SDAR. Alhamdulillah. Conclusionnye, yg pergi kebangsaan tahun ni ialah Sdar dan SELANDAR!! 
ak memang x pecaye selandar boleh pergi. Tapi x pelah, Mungkin diorang da buat Solat hajat banyak kot.


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What did i DO TO get the satisfaction when Watching HD VIDEO

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There are some tips that i want to share. Mainly on HOW to get the satisfaction, watching HD video like were displayed in TV STORES.

Ok first of all, you need Money, to buy certain things. List of things you are going to need, [you wont need to buy these things if you already owned it,]

1) of course a desktop/laptop/media player that have USB ports and HDMI port. [Usually, computers that have graphic cards installed will have HDMI port. HDMI is very important to display high quality IMAGE on your TELEVISION.

2) You MUST have a Plasma/LCD/LED TV that has HDMI features.

3) HDMI cable

4) wireless Keyboard and Mouse [optional]
exactly like mine [costs me about RM118]

5) and of course HD video files/ HD movie. Just google your desired video and download it to your desktop. 1080p is better. Usually, for a 1080p movie, the file size is about 7GB, and for 720p is about 4 GB. And for anime, 720p is about 300 MB.

What you gonna do,
You must connect your laptop/desktop/media player to your TV by using HDMI cable. Then, play your downloaded files as usual. Your TV is now become your monitor with high definition display. Wireless keyboard and mouse come handy when you want to play some games because there is no wire that limits the movement of that user interface. I tried this already and it seems like i was playing a PS3 or a X-box on TV. Haha. Real interesting.

And I usually watch my favourite anime on TV. High Definition Anime are really satisfying.
For those who have the requirements, TRY IT!
or simply go to cinema to watch some movie...hahaha

Now watch movies like you watch TV demos in TV stores or etc! haha

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Today I'm going to share with yall, MY FAV ANIME..
Actually, I started watching this series a long time ago but don't have time and space to share with y'all.

First must be NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN!!!
a Wonderful Series that full of motivational talks and moral values..

and, i usually download the HD version of the episodes. The quality is soo good. Website link below
but you have to register as member first.. TRY IT!!

Second, BLEACH.
Quite interesting

I dont download this anime, but I watch online at

soo, EnJOY.!

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Pica-pica TORIA!!

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Semalam, Ak bru nk tido, tapi x boleh pulak nk tido, so dlm kebosanan, ak bukak henpon aku, tgok gambar yang ader kat situ. Ak blom upload lagi kt Mane2, mainly byk psl OHANA la..
Aku nk kongsi sikit la gamba tuh.

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