Miss you My Friends

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Salam Alaik.
Sadness fills my day yesterday. I woke up in the morning n i didn't see any of my friends like i always did days before. Hmmph... I really need friends. I really LOVE em. The bond between us is soo strong. Yesterday, when i was renewing my I.C, i saw Jehan Farhana, OHANA 0610. Maybe she's the first from my batch that i see after school. And i really hope that i Will SEE more OHANA 0610.

Soo, since the end of JUNE [till yesterday], we had shuffled our places in class. So, we sat 6 in a group facing each other an each group had 3 boys n 3 girls. I got my group. They were Hanif, Aizat, Anis, Adha, Atiqah and me. At first, it was very awkward to sit in front of the girls, facing each other but now, we had made a very strong friendship till many of other friends felt jealous. Haha. Everyday we sit and talk, and eat, play, we share every secrets we have, study, gather and many more. Phew, those are my best memories. But, now, everyone of us takes different pathes and looks forward for a better future. A future which can change a person inside out, or upside down. I would like to thank all my Group members [AASAAH to be more specific] for teaching me many stuffs and BLA2. You guys are the BEST. I will never forget our joy n tears. ANd next time, we'll gather round again, I'll treat YALL. HAHA... But after i got my first payment. We'll Meet AgaIN my Best friends.

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