Happy Birthday MOM!!!

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What is the date?
-10 Dec
Who's birthday?
-My MOM!
Wow, COOL!! So, what did u give?
- A pair of shoes [SEMBONIA], a purse [SEMBONIA], a book [Orang Kaya Bertakwa], and a card.
How did u celebrate it?
- Well, we had joyful dinner and of course I was the one who ate too much. We dined at Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant. Soo delicious n picturesque. It is located near Putrajaya Lake in the Botanical Garden.
What did u eat?
- Steamed Garoupa
- Fried Talapia with plum+mango Sauce
- Black Pepper Venison
- Asparagus
- Kangkung
- Butter Prawns
- Shark fin soup
- and Sea Coconut for dessert.
Did u do anything after that?
- Yeah! Stop at the Dataran, smell the fresh air and enjoy the view.

WOW! it's totally AMAZING. HAHA
Well that's it.


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