Spm. the beginning and the end

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What is that supposed to mean?
Spm is the beginning of higher education world for us, while at the same time, the end of the school life which we have been endured for 5 years. Whatever the results are, we have to move forward and look for the slightest chance to get into the next stage.
My Spm results aren't the best nor the worst. Should I tell you all?

okay. I got 9a's. That's all. Good luck my fellows, we will meet again as a successful VIP.

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3 Responses to "Spm. the beginning and the end"

  1. ASyraff Ryu Says:
  2. congratz...
  3. supercahaya Says:
  4. ko dpt satu a je kn?
    tpu ni 9a ;p
  5. Shakir Zufayri Says:
  6. haha...klu ak ckp 1 a je kang diorng byk tnye2 lah..malas ak...

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