What did i DO TO get the satisfaction when Watching HD VIDEO

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There are some tips that i want to share. Mainly on HOW to get the satisfaction, watching HD video like were displayed in TV STORES.

Ok first of all, you need Money, to buy certain things. List of things you are going to need, [you wont need to buy these things if you already owned it,]

1) of course a desktop/laptop/media player that have USB ports and HDMI port. [Usually, computers that have graphic cards installed will have HDMI port. HDMI is very important to display high quality IMAGE on your TELEVISION.

2) You MUST have a Plasma/LCD/LED TV that has HDMI features.

3) HDMI cable

4) wireless Keyboard and Mouse [optional]
exactly like mine [costs me about RM118]

5) and of course HD video files/ HD movie. Just google your desired video and download it to your desktop. 1080p is better. Usually, for a 1080p movie, the file size is about 7GB, and for 720p is about 4 GB. And for anime, 720p is about 300 MB.

What you gonna do,
You must connect your laptop/desktop/media player to your TV by using HDMI cable. Then, play your downloaded files as usual. Your TV is now become your monitor with high definition display. Wireless keyboard and mouse come handy when you want to play some games because there is no wire that limits the movement of that user interface. I tried this already and it seems like i was playing a PS3 or a X-box on TV. Haha. Real interesting.

And I usually watch my favourite anime on TV. High Definition Anime are really satisfying.
For those who have the requirements, TRY IT!
or simply go to cinema to watch some movie...hahaha

Now watch movies like you watch TV demos in TV stores or etc! haha

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