Hearts burst into fire

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Well, it has been about 2 months since I bought a new guitar. Starting from that moment, i keep practicing and play some songs. Haha. I'm still not good at it. Rookie. Need to practice more. But yer know, I can play some full songs and solos. HAHA. Usually play it using tab either plain tab, power tab or guitar pro tab. All I got from this website Ultimate-guitar. What song can I play? Haha. There are a few like Brick by Boring Brick, When You were Young, My Heroine, Kissing you Goodbye, Danger line solo, Sweet child o Mine intro, and now I'm practicing Hearts Burst into Fire by Bullet For My Valentine [halfway done]. My skills arent good enough. Maybe I'll become an amateur or a pro after 3/4 years of practice.

This is the song [LIVE I think]

and this is the guitar cover [ please noted that this isnt me okay]

and lastly, this is my guitar, really sorry for this sissy-looking guitar, I couldn't find a better colour. It's a stratocaster design, very basic one. I plan to buy a new one if I got enough money. A hellraiser perhaps.


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