Alamanda For PirATEs

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Last time I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D. 
Superb movie!
Next time I'll watch some more awesome movies like:
1. Transformers
2. Captain America
3. X-men
4. Green Lantern
5. Harry Potter
6. Cars
7. Final Destination
8. Johnny English
and maybe others.

Well, I will be in the next stage of "education" level. 
Starting this July, 'maybe' I'll get myself ready and start to work hard. Haih~
Another challenge, but I really look forward to meet new friends!!!
Hello GMI's!!!

Mmm... just a scrap of reminder,
Anyone who uses blackberry, feel free to give ur PIN.
and for those who do not have one, get now!
I have no regret so far. It's Awesome!!!


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