Sunway Lagoon

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This post is about my journey to Sunway Lagoon.
Here is the summary;
  • Situated about 30 kilometres from my town. About 30 mins ride on bike.
  • Located near Sunway Pyramid in Bandar Sunway
  • Aerial view of Sunway Lagoon
  • Officially opened on April 29, 1993 by Prime Minister YAB Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
OK enough. It's time to talk about my journey.
  • I went there on bike. Arrived at 10.30
  • So, we, Akmal, Hanif, Faez and I bought the tickets at 12.
  • Costs about RM60 plus RM10 deposit for the wristband = for 3 parks [waterpark, wildlife, amusement]
  • After we changed our attire, we tried the first ride which is African Python. Its a gigantic tube slides. Haha. We need to ride with a double tube. Super fun man. We rode that twice. BTW, Sunway Lagoon was quite empty yesterday. Yeah you know, school breaks over. HAHA.
  • And after that, we gave a try on Cameroon Climb. Another type of slide which is really high and fast! You might be flying when you are up there. HAHA.
  • Congo Challenge. A six-lane headfirst racer. One of the best ride in Sunway Lagoon. We race on mattresses like a SUPERMAN. First to reach the finish line wins. HAHA. And guess what, we rode that 4 times. 
  • Then we hang around the beach and river. Watching the views. 
  • With our wet attire, we went to the amusement park. First, we rode the roller coaster. Quite thrilling and we rode that twice. 
  • After that. The Colorado splash. Its just a big round tube swirl and flow through a man made stream. 
  • Then,...I dont know what they called but it is quite the same as Cameroon Climb.
  • And then the shoe. Its nothing but a shoe that turn around and around.
  • Ahha!! This is fun.  The Tomahawk. Experience the 360° swings! HAHA. Very fun. 
  • And then, we had a walk on the Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the world bare footed...HAHA. and watched a bungee jump.
  • HAHA. This is the best part. FLOWRIDER yeah. A surf simulator and that was my first time ever surf on a body board. Very Fun. At first, as soon as I entered the water, i got pushed aside an fell. HAHA. And then I can control my body and remained in the ride. But Again, i fell aside. SO, i tried for the second time. This time I can hold a little longer before collided with Akmal and hit the back wall. HAHA. I tried again and i can surf really long and I'm not lying down but kneeling on the board. Haha. Seemed like a PRO. AND that was extremely super fun. 
  • Ok. After that, we hang around the park. Played some water Got out at 4. 
  • Had our lunch at 5 at Pizza Hut.
  • Rode back home at 7.

Suspension Bridge
Flowrider [but thats not me]

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