For How Long? and ARTWORK

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I dont know what to say in this blog. And I did not update the entries for a couple of weeks, I guess. For now, I have something to share, mainly about an album, released in 2009 as made famous by THE USED, a popular alternative rock band. Try it. The songs are cool and fascinating.
Here is the song list:

1Blood On My HandsLyrics
2Empty With YouLyrics
3Born To QuitLyrics
4Kissing You GoodbyeLyrics
5Sold My SoulLyrics
6Watered DownLyrics
7On The CrossLyrics
8Come UndoneLyrics
9Meant to DieLyrics
10The Best Of MeLyrics
11Men Are All The SameLyrics
I don't know whether the links are working or not.

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