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1) Assassin's Creed 2
This game is totally awesome.
What I like the most in this game is how the charater behave.
Using the name EZIO, he can do freerun or parkour.
The Italian was an assassin who had lost both his father and brother in 1400
Various places in Italy such as, Venice, Florence were the setting of this game.

This game was well-created with high graphic detail. 
The textures are very clear and so as the character.
[You can see water droplets falling from his clothes when he come out from water]
I truly love this game!

2) Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Great game.
Featuring many cars from the super series until exotic series!
We can even drive a BUGGATI VEYRON 16.4 in this game. HAHA
Events available in 2 sides whether as the Seacrest country Officer or a normal racer.
U get the chance to beat the criminals or hit the cop.
Earn the most bounty to unlock specific items or car.
and for this game, 
what i like the most is how easy to take on corners by drifting. 
That's ALL my view.

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5 Responses to "Favourite Game Review"

  1. アッシュ・クリムゾン Says:
  2. its bugatti veyron 16.4...
    1400+ A.C?
    btw, main kat mne? pc or console?
  3. Shakir Zufayri Says:
  4. haha...typing kt PC r...bru best...
  5. Shakir Zufayri Says:
  6. lbey kurang 1427
  7. アッシュ・クリムゾン Says:
  8. oo.1427 ac ke 1427 bc?
  9. Shakir Zufayri Says:
  10. AC la...BC ad ape pulak...

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