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Assalamualaikum. May Allah gives blessing to all of you, always.

It was a fine Saturday. Departed from home with a single backpack and went all the way to Alor Gajah, Melaka. My mom's college had organised a family day at A' Famosa Water World. Even though, there were varieties of games but I played none. Just did not have spirit and not in the mood to involve in these social activities. Unbelievably, both my mom and dad participated to their hearts content. I was just amazed! Maybe these kind of games suited them and gave a temporary relief from everyday work. Well, let them be themselves.
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After the noon, I started to get wet. First, I get soaked and walk around the river, ALONE. Played the body slide twice. ALONE. Ride the High Speed twice, ALONE. Well, High Speed is the most frightening ride available. I just can't ride it multiple times as the platform is too high. With my already-full-of-lunch condition added with my original-plain-fat, this was just too tiring. First ride, It gave me a scratch on my elbow as I accidentally touched the wall of the slide for about a millisecond at high acceleration, almost as high as the free fall speed. But It was not scary at all. And that's all I've done. Not enjoying much. And after that, I slept for an hour on a bench.

Then, we all went out and headed somewhere around there and had some durians before drove back to my granny's home. That is it. A simple, lonely weekend. Wish I had more friends.


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