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Saturday the 25th, 4.20 p.m

At first, Haziq, Basyir and I went to Alamanda to watch a movie either KL GANGSTER or GREEN LANTERN, but both tickets have been sold out. SO, the nearest available cinema is at The Mines. Without second thought, we drove to The Mines and checked the showtime. Alhamdulillah, there were couples of seats available for this movie at 4.20, even though at the first 3 rows.

Well, the story line is quite simple. KL Gangster tells the tale of two brothers who get involved in the world of gangsterism. The older brother Malek (Aaron Aziz) was imprisoned for five years after being betrayed by his own gang which was started by Shark (Syamsul), the step brother of the most influential gangster in Kuala Lumpur, King (Ridzuan Hashim). Malek who leads a normal life after being released, is pulled back into the world he left behind after all those years. Especially since his younger brother Jai (Adyputra) is influenced by the gangsters and decides to work for Shark bringing everything down in chaos. -adapted from thebestfilms-

Haha. I'm lazy to create my own synopsis. So, forgive me. In my opinion, this story has change the whole view of Malaysia Film Industry. It has brought the name of Malaysian Film one step forward. Good quality acting and impressive fighting stunts made this movie to step in and stand equally along with other International level Films. I'm really proud of Malaysian film. Frankly speaking, I didn't watch Malay films as I thought they are so dumb but this film has changed my perspective and I hope Malaysian can make better movies and challenge those Hollywood's. Don't drop our reputation.

No wonder this films can make profit up to 10.3 million. And surprisingly, seats in cinema halls airing this movie were sold out even in the second week. Amazing!


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